Food Hygiene

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We are delighted that our contact in the Environmental Health Department at Ipswich Borough Council has approved our updated Food Hygiene Policy.

Our work to gain accreditation with Housing Justice meant that we updated our Food Hygiene Policy so we sent a copy of the updated policy to the Environmental Health Department at Ipswich Borough Council. They suggested that we incorporate the checklist that they had devised for use by the Ipswich Soup Kitchen. They also suggested some updates to reflect changes in practice.

We sent the final amended version back to them and they replied to let us know that it covers all the main areas. They also wished us luck with this season.


Our Partners

We work with lots of local organisations in order to find and support our night shelter guests. All of our guests need to go through our booking process in order to stay with us. This starts by asking one of our Booking Partners to make a request. We then risk assess each potential guest before meeting them for a face to face assessment.

Our Booking Partners are:

The Chapman Centre at 1 Black Horse Lane, Ipswich. Open 10.00 to 14.00, Monday to Friday.  They help with finding accommodation and/or understanding benefits. They have a computer, a phone and shower facilities. A hot home-cooked lunch costing is available most days.  Tel. 01473 232426.

Housing Options Team at Ipswich Borough Council. They offer housing advice and assistance. Tel. 01473 433033. If someone has nowhere to sleep that night, Housing Options can be accessed in person via the Town Hall on Princes Street before 16.00.

Turning Point at 17-19 Museum Street, Ipswich. Open Monday to Friday (except Tuesday) 10.00 to 15.00, (Tuesday 13.00 to 15.00). They provide free drug/alcohol services for adults and young people.  Tel. 0300 123 0872

Health Outreach Team (NHS) at 70 – 74 St. Helen’s Street, Ipswich.  Open Monday to Friday 9.00 to 17.00. Providing marginalised and vulnerable adults with treatment, information and advice on health related issues plus supported access to GP’s. Tel. 01473 341763


In addition, we are also working with the following organisations (who have all made booking requests on behalf of their clients this winter):

St Giles Trust (who offer support to ex-offenders in Ipswich to help them access education, training, volunteering and employment opportunities)

Ipswich Hospital (via their specialist clinical recovery team)

Probation (both the National Probation Service who work with high risk offenders and the local Community Rehabilitation Company who work with low and medium risk adult offenders) .

Anglia Care Trust (who provide a wide range of housing and support via a network of local services)

Home Group (who provide casework support for those in need of supported housing and who are supporting a couple of our guests)


We also work with the following open access services that are used by those who are homeless. All of these have leaflets that they can give out with information about how people can request to stay with us;

Homehub Ipswich (runs a drop-in cafe on Mondays and Fridays providing breakfast, lunch and other services)

Tiffers Charity Shop and Bus Shelter (provides free clothes for those who are homeless plus shelter for up to 5 people at any one time)

Ipswich Soup Kitchen (provides hot drinks and sandwiches every single day of the year except Christmas Day – when other services provide a hot meal)

Elevenses and Feet on the Street (run by Burlington Church to provide hot drinks and food on Saturday and Sunday mornings)

Ipswich Town Pastors (providing help and support to vulnerable people on Friday and Saturday nights)

Helping Hands Suffolk (providing hot drinks and essential items to those in need)

Winter 2017/18 – update after 5 weeks

The shelter has been running for just over 5 weeks and more people have asked to stay with us than ever before.

47 people have approached one of our Booking Partners to request a stay with us. These requests have been assessed and almost everyone has been offered the opportunity to meet with us to discuss a stay.

  • 20 people have stayed with us for at least one night
    • Of these 20;
      • 11 are current guests
      • 6 chose to end their stay with us
      • 1 was unable to fit within our structure so they have been accommodated in a hostel
      • 2 have been housed but are still invited to the shelter for dinner
  • 13 people did not turn up to meet us in order to discuss staying at our shelter
  • 10 people found somewhere else to stay rather than coming to our shelter
  • 3 people did not meet our criteria (we do not take guests with a high risk of violence)
  • 1 request has only just been received and is still being assessed

As a result of their stay with us this season, our guests have found work, made significant improvements to their health, been able to stay with us before having to sleep rough, worked with local organisations to get support with benefits and long term housing, signed up to get help with substance abuse, re-connected with their family and been referred for specialist treatment.

We know that our shelter is not a solution for everyone. Around a third of those who stay with us find that they cannot or do not want to continue their stay. Some people in need of shelter don’t ask to stay with us because they know that we are not right for them.

There are still people sleeping rough in Ipswich. Lots of local organisations and group exist to provide support for those who are homeless and we work with them to try and help where we can. We rely entirely on donations in order to provide the shelter. You can see how to make a donation to support our work here.