Staff News

Marlene Scrivener, our full time Support Worker, will be leaving us in May to take up an exciting new position. She has been appointed as the Centre Manager at Talitha Koum. Since joining us in October 2016, Marlene has worked tirelessly to provide our volunteers and guests with a vast range of support.

Marlene has helped to train over 200 of our night shelter volunteers by sharing her experience of and insights into providing support to vulnerable adults. She has worked alongside volunteers at the shelter, assessing guests when they arrive in the evening to make sure that volunteers will be safe. Marlene has sought the well-being of our volunteers in all that she has done.

Marlene has carried out face to face assessments with 71 potential guests over the last 2 winters. She has worked with a wide range of local organisations to assess the suitability of these guests for our shelter. She has provided 66 guests with individually tailored help and assistance. Marlene has helped guests get to the shelter, accompanied guests to meetings and interviews, helped guests apply for benefits, found creative solutions for guests, advocated for guests and championed their dignity and freedom of choice. She has carried them in her heart.

I cannot imagine having worked through my first two winter night shelter seasons with anyone else. We have worked seamlessly together and we have enjoyed learning together.

But, as much as we mourn her loss, we are delighted that she has been appointed to such an exciting role. Our loss is very much Talitha Koum’s gain and we look forward to working with Marlene in her new role.

Julia Hancock – Selig (Suffolk) Trust Business Manager