Volunteer with us

We are no longer recruiting volunteers for the coming winter (2017/18).

If you are interested in volunteering with us during the winter of 2018/19, please keep an eye on our Facebook Page from September 2018.

Information about our volunteers:
Once staff have checked pre-approved guests in to the shelter and made sure that they are settling in, the shelter is delivered entirely by our wonderful volunteers. During the coming winter (2017/18) we expect to have around 240 volunteers involved in providing the shelter. We recommend that our volunteers do at least one of the following shifts every fortnight during the season:

Evening shift volunteers arrive by 6 pm to prepare the night shelter ready for the guests. This involves setting up the beds and then serving a hot meal for the guests and volunteers to eat together.

Overnight volunteers arrive at 9.45 pm and stay overnight to provide company, security and assistance to the guests as needed. They work in a team of 3 or 4. They may be able to get a couple of hours of sleep in a separate room.

Morning shift volunteers arrive at 6.45 am to prepare and serve breakfast, clear away the breakfast and then pack away the beds. The guests leave the shelter by 8.30 am and the morning volunteers leave shortly afterwards.