First 8 weeks

Our shelter opened on 11/10/18 – eight weeks earlier than usual – thanks to some Government funding. During this time we have used the St Nicholas Centre as our single venue.

During these 8 weeks, 84 individuals made an enquiry about using our shelter (compared to 74 individuals during the whole of last winter):

  • 30 of these individuals did not take their enquiry any further (because they found alternative accommodation or decided they didn’t want to stay with us)
  • 20 of these individuals did not meet our criteria (we have to assess the risks posed by potential guests to make sure that our shelter is the right place for them)
  • 34 of these individuals met us to talk about staying with us (compared to 40 during the whole of last winter)

28 of the 34 people who met us have stayed in our shelter. Last winter 34 guests used our shelter in total. Some people haven’t used our shelter even though we offered them a bed. Some people were not offered a bed.

  • 8 of our guests have already moved out of the shelter in to supported accommodation
  • 1 of our guests is waiting to move in to supported accommodation
  • 1 of our guests is waiting to hear whether he will be offered supported accommodation
  • 8 guests have left the shelter (either because they chose to or because they couldn’t stick to ourĀ  guest agreement)
  • 2 people have already come back to our shelter for their second stay

We are looking forward to providing safe shelter, lots of hope and genuine hospitality to more people in need over the coming weeks and months. We will run every night until March 12th 2019. From now on, we will be almost completely reliant on donations from local individuals, churches, groups and companies in order to keep running. Click here to see how to make a donation.