Improving policies and practice

We have been busy creating and updating policies. The aim of this work is to improve the service we provide for our guests. Examples of new practice next winter will include;

  • having systems to collect feedback from guests
  • using an updated food hygiene policy (approved by local Environmental Health)
  • improving the range of training we offer to our volunteers.




Report on last season

For the last six years, the Ipswich Winter Night Shelter has provided safety and warmth. We have worked with local churches, volunteers, community groups, services and supporters to do this.

Please click this link to read a report covering the 2016/17 season:  IWNS Report 2016 17

Highlights include the fact that nine churches, 320 volunteers and 7 local supporting agencies came together with one shared vision. This resulted in 15 night shelter guests moving in to more suitable accommodation as a result of their stay.

Guests appreciated the increased support that our new staffing structure provided. One guest said “It’s not just having a roof over your head, it’s having staff to support you.”

We look forward to providing the shelter again this coming winter.

Selig (Suffolk) Staff Appointed

Two new staff have been appointed by the Selig (Suffolk) Trust (the registered charity behind the Ipswich Winter Night Shelter).

Julia Hancock has been appointed as Selig’s full time Business Manager. Julia says “I am delighted to be working with Selig, using the management experience that I have gained in business and in four different charities. I look forward to working with the many wonderful organisations that support people who currently have no home. I also look forward to meeting and supporting the wonderful volunteers that run the Ipswich Winter Night Shelter.”

Marlene Scrivener has been appointed as Selig’s full time Support Worker. Marlene says “I am excited about the potential that my new role has to make a difference to the lives of marginalised individuals in Ipswich. I feel privileged to be learning more about them and about their hopes and goals.”

Julia and Marlene will both be at the volunteer training sessions that the Ipswich Winter Night Shelter is running during November. To apply to join the volunteer team, please click here.