Selig Suffolk employs 2 full time staff

Following a planned and carefully considered restructure, the Selig Suffolk Trust has employed two full time staff.

Julia Hancock is Selig Suffolk’s new Business Manager. She will ensure that each Selig Suffolk project has a strong framework by overseeing the projects, supporting their monitoring and evaluation, creating and maintaining polices and procedures, implementing quality standards and recruiting and retaining volunteers. Julia has 10 years of business management experience plus 15 years of charity management experience in 4 very different charities.

Marlene Scrivener is Selig Suffolk’s new Support Worker. She is responsible for identifying and referring potential Night Shelter Guests and Hope into Action Tenants. She then works with guests and tenants to improve their relationships and housing options. Marlene trained as a Nurse before working in community health. She is passionate about empowering and equipping people to fulfil their potential.